Every morning the pupils of class 6c came to their school, Gisela Gymnasium in Munich. In winter it was the same every day. They came to their classroom and wondered why it was so hot .What was wrong? One day Lady Marianne and Sir Woldemor wanted to find out what was wrong.

They went to their classroom in night. Maybe a robber did this? So they stayed there all night. At 12:00 o’clock they heard a quiet noise. It was quiet then louder and then they heard a scary voice:

“Where is my husband? Where is he? Why did he do it? Why did he do it?” They were very frightened when they saw a ghost of a tall, beautiful woman. She came to Lady Marianne and Sir Woldemar. They hid behind a desk. But the ghost of Gisela said:” Don’t hide! I am not bad. Please help me!” Lady Marianne asked:” How can we help you?” Gisela answered :”Please say why did my husband kill me? It’s so cold here. Let’s turn on the heating.” Lady Marianne and Sir Woldemor wondered. The Gisela ghost turned on all the heating at night. When the pupils come in every morning, it’s so hot. Sir Woldemor said:”Please Lady Gisela don’t turn on the heating. Our pupils can’t stay at school, when it’s so hot! Go to my house. You can stay there and it’s always hot! “The Gisela ghost was very happy and she never came back to school.

by Anami Nguyen, 6c

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